Top 5 Questions to Ask During an Interview

As the interview progresses, the interviewer will usually give you a chance to ask him or her or the panel any questions that you wish to. It is a golden opportunity for you to not only demonstrate your interest in the company and the job but also a chance to address any concerns that the interviewer might have about your candidature.  But if you simply sit like a dumb and say “No, I don’t think I have anything.” Or “you have already answered all my questions”, believe you me all you have done is dig yourself grave. By doing this you not only lose an opportunity to prove your suitability for the job but also you give the panel a chance to second guess you and consequently have them think twice before hiring you.

Intelligence is fascinating, just like unwrapping a gift from strangers. That’s is interviewers expect some intelligent question from the candidates and when they get a dumb sounding reply at the end of the interview, like I don’t think I have anything to ask, and they had high expectations of you as the candidate, of course their hearts sink. Remember that recruiters or human resource personnel are continuously on look out for good candidates and of course towards the end of the interview they feel the prospective candidate that is you, is not suitable to carry the work properly, they also feel terrible because they have to go through the process of finding another candidate.

So, prepare yourself in advance to ensure you ask some intelligent questions during the interview. Below is a list of some questions which you can ask the recruiter and the advantage these questions can earn you:

  1. Now since we have discussed my candidature in detail, do you have any concerns about me being able to meet the responsibilities of this role? Advantage of this question is that if the prospective employer has concerns about you not being able to meet the responsibilities of the role, this question will provoke him/her to articulate this in words. And of course this will give you a chance to address his/her concerns and convince him/her that you are the best choice they would be making.
  2. Are there opportunities for me to grow in this role with your organization? The advantage of this question is that it will give you a chance to analyze growth prospects in the company/organization. Consequently, it portrays you as a go-getter and if there are growth opportunities, then you would definitely stick with the company.
  3. Is this a new position or has fallen vacant by the separation of the last employer? Advantage: this question brings clarity about the position at hand whether it is as a result of expansion or due to the last employee leaving the organization. If it is as a result of an employee leaving the organization it would be to your advantage to know the reason behind that. This also gives the recruiter an impression that you cautious when selecting a job.


  1. What are the major objectives that need to be accomplished in the position you are recruiting me for? Advantage: this question will help you understand what you are getting yourself into. And consequently give the prospective employer confidence that you are keen in taking up the job.
  2. How many members would be there in my team? What will be my position among then? This question clarifies your role in the position you are taking up. It also brings up the breakup of the company and the team you will be working for or under and your position and roles.

Lastly if the company has been in the news of in the media during the last couple days, it wouldn’t break a bone to raising such a question at this juncture. Remember, that sensible and logical question reflects on your personality and this increases your prospects of getting employed.

Thumb rule, do not ask questions for the sake of doing so. Ask the right question at the right time, for the right reason and of course sensibly.

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