Interviewing for the Hotel Industry in Addis Ababa

Maybe your target is to work for some major hotel industry in Ethiopia, maybe as a hotel manager, a waiter/waitress, a cook, a receptionist and such forth. Sadly you do not have enough information on how to go about the whole thing and clinch that job in a major hotel. See, the hotel industry in Ethiopia has gone through massive evolution with immense challenges to meet international standards. With Addis Ababa being the capital city of Africa, remember the AU headquarters? , there is constant flow of the international community throughout the year. Apart from these, there are the numerous tourists, investors and most importantly they will find themselves staying in a hotel somewhere. With these in mind there are aspects that the HR in these industries will do when it comes to hiring stuff for the hotels. These are:

Relevant education:

Although it is not a 100% guarantee that education will make you a better employee, it will give you a career launching platform. You will gain the relevant knowledge and the skills necessary in the field. The fact is the human resource managers will look for candidates with relevant education or rather certification in catering, hotel management, culinary studies, food production and such forth.


This will trickle down to personal grooming, appearance to your personality. When the employer offers you an interview they will be looking for a charismatic outlook, a positive vibe, energetic with a positive outlook of life. These will reflect on your body language as they conduct the interview.  They will look for great interpersonal skills, a pleasant personality, a person who can smile and avert a crisis. When appearing for the interview, be careful how you dress. Stick to a professional outlook. Avoid excessive make-up and jewelry. Be cautious of your hairstyle too. Don’t show up for an interview sporting a rainbow on your head. Avoid strong deodorants and perfumes too.


This calls for a personal drive, a personal initiative to get acquainted to the dynamics around you. The human resource managers in the hotel industry are looking for candidates who are exposed, those bearing an open-mindedness outlook of life; those candidates who have a keen sense of purpose and a desire to learn. The employer is also looking for a candidate who is exposed in the sense that he/she is willing to learn and adapt to different cultures, tastes and personalities and can accommodate an international community comfortably without losing your heritage as an Ethiopian.

Uncle Google is quite relevant and comes with immense information on such areas. Look up for information relevant to your field. Be up to date with the current trends in the hotel industries, new cuisines, new recipes, different cultures, and so forth.

Language skills

It doesn’t look like a big deal, but truth is, language is paramount. Though the primary goal of a language is to communicate, the employer in the hotel industry is looking for a candidate who can do more than communication. You will be dealing with international community and therefore it is necessary to be a little diverse; take a language course, keep learning to increase your chances of making it to the top. Truth be told, the employer will keenly focus on your language skills before making up his mind on hiring you.


During an interview, the employer will look for a candidate who is     business-oriented. They will look for someone who understands the concept of the customer being king /queen and treating them with that sense of manner. They will look for a candidate who can draw the line between taking things personally and putting a business face. You do not have to go to a business school to understand some business ideologies but you can your personal research on how to treat customers, how to best excel in the field.  Lastly, the employer is looking for a candidate who when he/she serves the customers is able to understand that the satisfaction of the client means good business and the opposite is true.

There are immense opportunities for one to grow in hotel industry in Ethiopia. The challenge is one to strategize himself/herself appropriately to ensure he/she is the right candidate for these opportunities.


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